about mee ✿


he/she/+, seventeen

white, autistic, bisexual, bigender, entp :3

links to my socials: spam insta, art insta, spotify, twt, tumblr, pinterest, toyhouse (empty currently), spacehey

interests & kins ✿

bold is hyperfix, italic is spintrest

ace attorney, a short hike, bandori, bloons td6, hades, my little pony (g3 & g4), old enough, pokémon (sorta), psychonauts, river city girls, roblox, spiderverse, tally hall, toca life, warioware, & other assorted stuff but these are the best ones

I also like basketball, casual figure collecting character design, drawing, longboarding, my ocs, origami, plushies, roller coasters, swimming, & swingsets

other misc stuff; tiramisu and iced tea and pho and mangoes!! and cows and japanese spider crabs and monkeys!!!


I am not here to make you uncomfy!! I simply relate to characters and latch onto them bc of mental illness!! no harm no foul :DD

i am a lil' possessive though, specifically when fixated on these characters..! i think the proper term is like, switching between selfhoods? idk, im schizophrenic but not to that extent (i think)

✿ princess daisy

✿ sothis (fe3h)

✿ razputin aquato

✿ tae hanazono

✿ maya fey (aa)

link (loz)

✿ hagumi kitazawa

maya yamato

✿ mr. kel omori

✿ glue gunner & psi (btd6)

✿ nobara (jjk)

✿ LISE (spelunky 2)

✿ yellow guy (DHMIS)

✿ tails (tsaa & okko special)

etc. ✿

I love making friends and do have a discord server..! (ff to ask if you follow)

I love other people's oc's and I might get attached to them for bursts of time and draw fanart (not guaranteed)

I am bad with tone but would rather you not use tone indicators!!

I'm fairly blunt and also very talkative/repetitive

I Agree Line Smiley